Accelerated Learning Prgram

Suitable for beginners and entry into the instructors program.

The Accelerated Learning Program

It’s not just a beginners course. It’s approximately 3 years of knowledge condensed into 8 training sessions held throughout the year.

Who’s it aimed at?

Firstly it is aimed at beginners . Giving them access to all the knowledge needed to progress through the SBL syllabus.
Secondly its aimed at anyone already training in the art but doesn’t have access to one of the instructors to get regular tuition. i.e. someone who attends the regular seminars or trains with the online content.
Thirdly and most importantly its aimed at the next generation of instructors, giving them a structured form or lesson plan from which they can start teaching SBL at their clubs.

What is covered?

The course is 8 training sessions spread throughout the year.

Students will also get access to Skype call to one of the instructors to help out individually with any training issues.

You will learn:

  • The correct use of the upright positions in SBL
  • Basic Harimau (tiger) upright.
  • 4 of the main ground arts covered in SBL, Kuching (cat), Harimau (tiger), Buaya (crocodile), Kura kura (turtle).
  • Introduction to the key part of SBL the Garak Gerik.
  • Introduction to multiple attackers.

On completion

The student will receive:

  • A numbered certificate showing completion of the course.
  • A training knife.
  • A training keris.
  • A training salendang.

What is expected ?

The only thing you will need to do is train what is covered in the session in your own time. Its one thing having the knowledge but you need to own the movements in SBL in order make it work.


By the end of the course all students will be able to train at any of the SBL instructors classes and know what is being taught without being overwhelmed by the amount of material being taught.
Students will have the ability to continue their training via regular seminar training or private lessons.
Students will have the ability to sign up and attend the newly introduced Instructor Training Course.

The Accelerated Learning Course provides entry onto the Instructor Training Course, as all new instructors will have had to attend and pass this course or have had to of trained regularly with a SBL instructors for a minimum of 3 years.



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