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The SBL is broken down in to 7 phases which covers the complete syllabus extensively, ensuring the apprentice instructor is fully equipped in all manner of teaching the art in it’s entirety.

The course is broken down into 4 Instructors Workshop every year where you learn the physical, theory and the principal of teaching each phase. At the end of every workshop you are given the task of conducting a small class to gain experience and confidence. Instructors are then graduated in 3 subjects in their designated phase and must complete all 3 to receive their instructor’s certificate.

To apply:

  • you must be over 18
  • must have completed the SBL accelerated learning program
  • or
  • recommended by an active SBL instructor.

For further details or to arrange an interview please contact Chief Instructor Alvin Guinanao on 07792 889 006 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Free SBL Tutorial

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1. Pukulan Striking

2. Kucing with shoulder dislocation

3. L step with knee dislocation and back breaker