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13-14 July | St Petersburg, Russia Seminar

And it's a wrap the SBL St Petersburg seminar comes to a close.

Congratulation to Konstantin Ivanov and Vladimir Kozlovets for arranging their first SBL seminar.

Instructor Ash Miah transmitted loads of content to help everyone on their SBL journey. There were smiley faces all around with minor bumps and bruises.

Many thanks to all attendees who came from all over Russia;  Moscow, Kazan (Tartarstan), Vladivostok. There was also a participant who flew in from Armenia.

Everyone did very well especially the guys from Vladivostock; Ilia and Denis. You could see they've been to a few of Alvin's seminars and were moving very well.

The ladies were awesome too - Go Alexandra and Tatiana 👌

Thanks to Konstantin, Vadim and Garegin for translating to Russian :)

Special thanks to Igor Potapov who is the FCS Russia representative in St Petersburg, for his welcome and support.

Lastly, thanks to Stanislav Kulakov for the use of his training hall. He holds an accolade of dan grades in Aikido, Iaido and Karate.

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