SBL Online School For Beginners  ** NEW**

So you want to learn SBL Silat, but you have no idea where to start.

No problem ! We have prepared a selection of tutorials to give everyone an opportunity to understand and practice the basics as well as getting an overall feel of the art.

Save 50% on the subscription.

In your library, Chief Instructor Alvin Gunanao will be guiding you through the basic steps

of learning SBL Silat. You’ll learn lots of effective techniques, like our 6 basic blocks, ground fighting, drills to build muscle memory, build strength and stamina, learn SBL takedowns, locks and breaks as well as knife fighting and multiple attackers.

Title's included:

1. Phase 1 - Basic Blocks
2. Phase 1 - Ground Finish using Kucing
3. Phase 2 - Basic Blocks & Parries
4. Phase 2 - Basic Upright with Ground Finish
5. Phase 2 - Langkah L Step Jurus
6. Phase 4 - Basic Multiple Attackers
7. Phase 6 - Basic Knife

Cost: £10 per month (save £70)

* tutorials are sent out monthly and you can cancel at any time.


Silat Buka Lingkaran : Online Tutorials

The tutorials are a valuable resource for SBL students with
limited access to Alvin or an SBL instructor.

You will also gain the added benefits of:

•    Referencing tutorials anytime
•    Learning new material
•    Training at your own pace
•    Staying up to date with your training
•    Training around your own schedule

Subscribe Monthly

The monthly subscription will contain a 15-20 minute tutorial clip available fortnightly.

Each Tutorial will be easy to follow with Chief Instructor Alvin breaking
down an exercise, training drill, technique or theory.

Clips will vary and cover all of the 6 phases.

Cost: £15 per month


Single Tutorials

We currently have over 60 tutorials available and will have them all available soon to purchase separately.

Each tutorial is available to buy at £15 each

Currently available on the SBL Online
School (beginners) priced at £1

Currently available on the SBL Online
School (beginners) priced at £1

Currently available on the SBL Online
School (beginners) priced at £1

Currently available on the SBL Online
School for beginners priced at £1


Currently available on the SBL Online School (beginners) priced at £1

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Instant access to tutorials.

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  • 2 tutorials per month
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£1 only (promotion)
  • 6 Tutorials  - WORTH £90 incl
  • Basic Blocks & Parries
  • Basic Upright with ground finish
  • Basic knife
  • L - Step Jurus
  • Ground Finish using kucing
  • Basic Multiple Attackers
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"The online tutorials are great so far!"

Ashleigh Walker

Tutorials are brilliant - easy to follow, clear,packed with loads of information

Jelece Brown

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