Our mission, vision and values

Mission Statement

  • Developing healthy and sustainable silat communities around the world.

Our what

  • Grow: promoting diversity and cohesion by bringing people together from around the world through the art of Silat
  • Improve: improving the lives of people and communities by providing opportunities through the art of Silat
  • Inspire: Reducing health inequality, social isolation and connecting lives through the art of Silat


Our how

  • People: Developing our people, mentoring and inspiring people from all walks of life.
  • Technology: Bringing technology and people together to connect and develop communities
  • Learning: Creating opportunities that release the potential in people through shared learning


Our values

  • Agile – we’re adaptable and enjoy learning
  • Together – we grow, improve and inspire together as one community bringing people with a shared vision and purpose together
  • Share – We share our love for Silat with everyone


Our style

  • Grow – we build on our successes by finding opportunities to grow our people, our services and our community
  • Improve – We continuously improve our lives, our communities and the world we live in through the art of silat
  • Inspirational – We motivate and empower one another to inspire the world
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