18-19 May | Karlsruhe, Germany

This past weekend Chief Instructor Alvin Guinanao visited KSE (Kali Silat Evolution – Urban Self Defence) Karlsruhe, Germany for his first seminar.


The seminar was an introductory to SBL and it’s concepts, covering various aspects of self defence with weapons or empty hands.


All the participants did exceptionally well considering it was their first time training in SBL Silat, so there will probably be some sore legs on Sunday.


A big thank you to Guro Amaury and his team for organising the event; for his hospitality and making sure everyone was looked after. Also, thanks to all the participants that came to support the event and for creating such a buzzing atmosphere.

A special shout out to Kevin, Ronn and Ben for helping with the demos, you guys were great.



A big thank you to Guro Amaury and his team





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