12 July | St Petersburg Study Group & Apprentice Instructors

This was a special visit for Instructor Ash Miah who went to St Petersburg to not only deliver a seminar but to establish a SBL group.

He successfully:

1. Delivering a successful seminar
2. Officially initiating the SBL Russia Study Group
3. Meeting and setting out a Roadmap for SBL Apprentice Instructors.

Meet the SBL Russia Study group, based in St Petersburg. Vladimir Kozlovets, Konstantin Ivanov, Nikolay Konovalov, Alexander Cherepanov and Andrey Kazakov.

Vladimir heads the group who is a full time martial artist. He teaches Aikido, Wing Chun, FCS and FMA. He is also a recognised instructor under A.C.T which is known for it's no nonsense and reality based approach to fighting.

We are lucky to have his experience and knowledge in the SBL family and we are looking forward to seeing them all grow and flourish in SBL.

But the star of the event definitely goes to Nikolay ....... At 61 he has joined our instructor programme and is tough as nails. Before he started SBL, he had a lot of leg and knee problems but this has since healed through the SBL conditioning programme.

Das vadanya :)



Vladimir is the team leader who holds qualifications in many arts including Aikido, wing Chun, FMA, A.C.T.




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