Another great session with the apprentice instructors.

Everyone moving very well and a vast improvement since the last session.

The focus was on the quality of movement, deepening the understanding of key postures, improving weight distribution and awareness of the the body when training lock flow.

Again well done everyone and keep up the excellent work!

There’s been some inquiry regarding the music we use in our clips. Some are traditional and some are made specifically for us.

The most recent SBL clip has been made by Alvin’s good friend Max Deldefield. A very talented musician with countless years of experience. He will be making a few more tracks for us to use but also, if there are any martial artists out there wanting their own unique sound, he is the man to contact.

To download the track for only £2 click here (All monies go to the Max Deldefield):

To hear the sample on one of our clips, click here:

Here’s the link to his sound cloud if you want to sample some of his music:

SBL Slovakia training group was invited to participated at the South East Asian Festival, as representatives of the Embassy of Indonesia.

Boris and Veronika took up the challenge and performed a short exhibition of Silat Buka Lingkaran and Maphilindo Silat.

It was a great honour for the group to meet with the Ambassador and the local community of Indonesian people (some of them native to region of Minangkabau) who appreciated the performance very much, sharing their experiences and stories with the art.

In the end, the group was invited to next year’s event to take part in this cultural gathering and showcase again something from their arsenal. Watch out for it.

This past weekend Chief instructor Alvin Guinanao visited the SBL crew in Paisley to teach a private session to Instructors James Kennaway and Stewart Simpson followed by an open seminar the following day.

Last weekend our Chief Instructor Alvin Guinanao travelled to Paris to conduct a seminar covering the basic concept of multiple attackers from a Pencak Silat perspective.


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