Chris Streit

Chris Streit

SBL Germany Rep

Chris is a fulltime martial arts coach and is training various Martial Arts Systems since his childhood.

His first teacher and main influence was his grandfather Johann Streit who taught him some WW2 Combatives Tactics, a German oldschool Grappling System and how to use a knife.

Meanwhile Chris is a very well rounded Martial Arts Teacher holding instructor ranks in Wing Chun, different Styles of FMA & Kali, Muay Thai & Muay Boran and Silat.

He also founded his own Kali (Streit-Kali) and Grappling System He is the Head Coach of DCS Fight Gym in Bamberg Germany where he teaches almost all arts that he has learned (except of Kung Fu).

Having survived a violent youth and working at the doors of some shady nightclubs for a few years Chris has a different, sometimes more realistic perspective on martial arts than the average martial arts Instructor.

Since having changed the sides he taught police & military forces and civilians about a lot of street tactical and psychological wisdom that might save you in real life encounters more often then style or technique.

Through the glases of his real life experience Chris is a lifetime (re)searcher for the truth (what works in reality).

After long years of search for a Silat Style that has a value in real world self-defense Chris got in contact with Alvin and was very impressed by his skills, explosiveness and the realistic impact of the SBL techniques. So Chris decided that he wanted to learn SBL in depth also because there was nothing comparable in Silat out there especially in groundfighting for self-defense.

Many years later Chris is the most experienced SBL instructor and practitioner in Germany and was chosen by Alvin as Germany representative to make the art more popular in the country.

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