Enelē Ma’afu Tauteoli

Enelē Ma’afu Tauteoli


I go by Ma’afu (Mah-ah-fu) Married to my wonderful wife Lani and we have 2 kids, Aka girl (3yrs) and Kai (1yrs) boy.

I’ve been training martial arts since my teenage years. Started in North Shaolin Kung Fu, eventually training JKD, FMA, Silat, Boxing, Muay Thai, Combat Submission Wrestling and BJJ with Ajarn Will Bernales and Guro Ray Rosales. Capoeira with Mestres Jamaika and Lateef Crowder. I currently still train in these arts minus Kung Fu.

I’m a strength and conditioning coach for Gym Jones, who are known for training actors & stunt performers on films such as 300, 300: Rise Of An Empire, Man Of Steel, Bateman VS Superman, Wonder Woman to name a few. I was one of the trainers on 300: Rise Of An Empire.

I currently live in Los Angeles, CA personal training clients at Undefeated - UACTP Gym. I’m also teaching martial arts there as well.

I’m also teaching martial arts at Pamana Kali, school of Guro Alvin Catacutan.

I’m also a Stunt Performer. Slowly making my way through the film industry. I have worked on films & TV Shows such as Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Army Of The Dead, Bloodshot, Uncharted, S.W.A.T, Seal Team and The Rookie.

When I am not teaching, training clients, stunt performing I do security work what use to be part time, now full time due to the pandemic.

I was exposed to SBL I think it was 2009 by Guro Ray Rosales. I met Guro Alvin Guinanao in 2014.

SBL has improved my training all around. Not just in SBL itself but in all of the other arts that I train in as well. It is the glue at least for me that smooths out everything. My movement & mobility is way better at my age now than when I was in my 20’s. All around amazing, fantastic and great art.

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