Phase 1 - Ground FIghting

The animal styles comprosing of the ground fighting aspects of SBL


Gelek (‘twisting’ or ‘coiling’)

This is the foundational principle of the art taught at the very beginning, key towards unifying all the postures and movements.


You will develop greater flexibility and agility towards moving more freely and dynamically on the ground. The Kucing is a very explosive way of moving that requires heavy conditioning, especially for the legs. This element of ground fighting teaches you how to strike effectively from the floor using both arms and legs, and in return gives you the stability and density of striking when upright. Kucing also prepares you to know how to counter from the ground, including rolling, recovering and the ability to fall correctly.

Harimau (‘Tiger’)

This is direct and forceful in connection with ground fighting, including jumping techniques in the countering of an opponent, as well as learning how to end a fight as quickly as possible. This aspect develops the strength your body needs to move freely and effectively in bringing opponents to the ground. Here you are taught how to kick, palm-strike from various angles, grab and tear..

Buaya (‘Crocodile’)

This looks to develop your core from the back, fusing the upper and lower part of the body towards moving in one continuous motion. When learning the Buaya everything is done very slowly, stretching out the lower back, gluteus and hamstrings. Techniques and application include how to smother, suffocate and crush an opponent. This principle helps you to slowly and steadily develop sensitivity and body control so that trainers learn to avoid injuring themselves and each other.

Kura-Kura (‘Turtle’)

This is the last resort in ground fighting, where you find yourself lying fully on your back on the floor. This trains you to know how to defend from this vulnerable position, finding any small spaces of opportunity to use to your advantage and to escape. Like Buaya, this allows you to develop your core but with greater focus on your abdominals by holding Kura-Kura postures under tension for longer time periods.Open Ground FightingThis is the space in which you learn how unify all the Ground Animal styles of SBL in one continuous motion, and to defend yourself in all manner of attacks.



Gelek is the the foundational principle taught at the beginning so that it can be ingrained into the body


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